Make a perfume 

How to create your own perfume with a master perfumer 

Make your own perfume

with amazing ingredients and our wealth of knowledge.


Design perfume

What kind of fragrance do I want to make? 
Floral, fougere, oriental, chypre, ozonic? 
What strength? What carrier? 
What are the right perfume ingredients? 
Perfume fragrance oils versus essential oils? 
What is the right perfume formula?
 How can I make perfume? 
Is it a good idea to do custom perfume online?  

These are some of the fundamental questions involved in perfume design and fragrance making. 
So where to start before outlaying money on lots of specialist ingredients?

Our Process

How do you make perfume?

What kind of perfume do you want to make? What strength; Parfum, Eau De Parfum, Cologne, Eau de Toillette, Room Spritzer? Will it be an oil based perfume or alcohol? What will the fragrance be like? Floral, Fougere, Oriental, Chypre, Ozonic, Gourmande? "How do I create my own perfume?" begins with these broad questions to determine the type of fragrance oils required and the carrier. 

Perfume experience

There are many quality publications (and many not so quality) on the topic of make a perfume – how to make perfume at home. While they are informative and entertaining to read, nothing is as good as the hands on experience of actually mixing perfumes in person. Your understanding of how the oils interact with each other and what constitutes quality fragrance oils can only be understood through personal exposure to perfume making materials.

Perfume making course

The fastest way to gain first hand perfume experience is through a perfume making workshop. Access to a full suite of fragrance oils and guidance from a professional perfume maker will unlock mysteries that words alone cannot describe. It is the best way to understand principles to design your own scent, discuss perfume recipes by being shown how to create perfume during the process of making your own fragrance.

make a perfume fragrance

Best fragrance oils for perfume

The best fragrance oils for perfume making range from pure essential oils (concretes and absolutes) to molecular extractions and pure synthetic molecules. The “best” oils for perfume is a highly contentious issue and depends on your purpose. Making a natural essential oil perfume may require the best smelling essential oils for perfume (a quality that may not be related to their purity grading) or you may find something compelling in an oil of lower grade. Some scents are simply not found in pure essential oils, but they may be exactly what you are looking for to create a fragrance. Some oils are used becuse of how they amplify notes in other oils so their use when you build your own perfume is not obvious on face value. Oils are generally categoriesd into base, heart and top notes with a few that cross all three categories. Countless hours of practice is involved in discovering these hidden properties.

Perfume making, let us show you how

Perfume for women

Fragrance design of individual perfume in Parfum, Eau de Parfum or Oil Perfumes, let us help you create custom scents in your preferred strength according to your tastes.

Personalised fragrance

Our custom perfume makers use the fragrance oils you personally select using your own nose. We make the formula based on ingredients you have tested and like. From this we make signature scent perfumes – the parfum for you, about you,

Making perfume

A trained professional perfume maker will personally take you through the process of how to create perfume. A journey into scent making personally guided by a Fleurage perfumer.

make my own perfume

Perfume for men

The perfect opportunity to design your own perfume, be involved in the process, have it truly reflect your tastes and explore this secret art.

Cologne perfume

We can also create cologne fragrance for men using the same principles and high quality perfume oils. You will realise how limited the commercial offerings are if you create your own aftershave with us.

Fragrance oils for perfume making

There are eighty specially selected high quality perfume oils we use for designing scent in the Create Your Own Perfume organ. You can explore these fragrance oils for perfume making to ensure they are right for you. Discover new scents and select your favourites. 

Eighty specially selected fragrance oils

to sample and select from

How do you make perfume?

The easiest way to answer this is to take you through the process, to introduce the ingredients for making perfume, discuss your preferences in style of fragrance, its strength and the type of perfume carrier (alcohol or oil). 

A one hour Create Your Own Perfume session is an ideal way to begin your quest for knowledge in this highly secretive art. At the conclusion of the one hour booking you will have your own completed perfume ready to take with you.


Create Your Own Perfume for 1 person

A one hour personal session with our perfumer and 80 specially selected ingredients



Create Your Own Perfume for 2 people

A booking for two people, each to create their own fragrance using the 80 ingredients


Creating perfume, who is it for?

Fragrance is a very personal choice.
What we as individuals find attractive in scent is not bounded by gender or dictated by fashion. This is for people who know themselves and wish to reflect their being.

For women, men & couples




Where to make your own perfume?

Fleurage Scent Design Studio  
Gold Coast

The opportunity to personally sample and select from 80 perfume grade fragrance oils. 
Your selection becomes the basis for the formula we write for you. 
Then you make your perfume from base notes to heart notes to top notes.  
We check in at each stage to make sure it is going in the direction you like.   

We have made over 2,000 unique perfumes for individuals

Making custom perfume

make a perfume bottle and fragrance wheel
make a perfume for women
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make a perfume trying the perfume formula on wrist
make a perfume making mens perfume formula drop by drop
make a perfume sampling my own perfume

Since 2012

How to create your own perfume questions

During your session we discuss your most important topics while exploring and making. 
How do you make your own perfume? What are the steps in making perfume? What are the ingredients? 

To design a fragrance it is important to first know what kind of scent you are interested in. The major categories are: floral, fougere, oriental, chypre, ozonic, gourmande with many overlapping sub categories. Using a scent profile questionnaire we can help guide your initial direction and which ingredients are most suitable. Once the fragrance direction is understood we can then design your perfume according to strength and carrier.

Using the scent profile we guide you to the ingredients most likely to be aligned with your tastes. Use your own nose to sample the raw fragrance oils and keep aside those you like. We then create a custom perfume recipe from your selection. It is perfume just for you. The formula indicates how many drops for you to mix your own perfume right there, directly into the bottle.

Once we have created a fragrance formula it is possible to use it to design your own aftershave or cologne. This is an exciting opportunity to make men’s fragrances that are truly rich and beautiful away from the constriction of marketing norms and gender clichés. It is all about you.

There are very few places where you can go to make a high quality, classically structured perfume. The Fleurage Scent Design Studio is a private by appointment suite in the Parkrise Building Surfers Paradise. It is not a retail “make your own fragrance store”. This allows us to provide uninterrupted personal attention when guiding you through how to make your own fragrance. Our location in Surfers Paradise is central Gold Coast, a few hundred meters from the beach. A beautiful opportunity to turn the one hour booking into a create your own perfume experience day.


Making natural perfume with essential oils is the traditional form of perfume making. It has a history going back thousands of years to Egypt and the Middle East. Making your own perfume with only essential oils is possible by doing simple blends. To make a classically structured perfume with balanced top notes, heart notes and base notes requires much more skill and understanding of often very precious and fickle ingredients. This is Master Perfumer level skill with botanical oils. Call us to discuss if you wish your fragrance to be purely botanical essential oils.


Mixing colognes is a similar process to the perfumes, cologne oils are the same as the high grade perfume oils we use. We find men like making cologne using modern fragrance oils with essential oils, the results are very satisfying to the contemporary palette. Sometimes more satisfying than essential oil cologne blends.

The perfume making process involves deciding on the type of scent to be made, the strength of the fragrance, (parfum extrait, parfum, eau du parfum, cologne or eau de tiolette) and its carrier. The perfume formula is the recipe for the raw juiice. For individual bottles it is measured in drops of fragrance oil. The raw juice is then added to the carrier, either PG 4 (perfumers alcohol for perfume making) or oil if you are making perfume without alcohol (oil based scents). Alcohol perfumes are then topped up with 10% water and can be ready to use after 24 hrs. Oil based perfumes need to sit for a few weeks for the oil to absorb the fragrance from the ingredients.

Stunningly beautiful fragrances can be made with essential oils. Lilac perfume, gardenia perfume, green tea perfume, jasmine perfume, rose perfume, tea rose perfume and vanilla perfume. To create classically structured perfumes that have balanced base notes, heart notes and top notes that play out over time is the traditional art of perfumery. Fleurage has an extensive range of pure botanical parfums made by our master perfumer. These are incredibly rare and are made by hand in very small batches.

The term “natural perfume” is open to various interpretations, we take it to mean perfumes made from pure botanical essential oil ingredients. Think classic European perfumery prior to the first world war. Essential oil perfume made this way is extremely rare today for a number of key reasons. The essential oils are very expensive. The quality of the ingredients varies from crop to crop and location. The oils are getting harder to secure either reliably or sometimes at all. The oils are complex structures that sometimes do not blend sucessfully with other complex oils. For these reasons most fragrances encountered today are not essential oil based. If you would like to experience this lost art please contact us at the Scent Design Studio.


Custom perfume manufacturers are rare around the world. It is generally not in most brand’s interest to reveal how perfume is made. So finding where to make perfume can be difficult. Finding where to make your own classically structured perfume with balanced base, heart and top notes that isn't just a simple blend is even harder.

The Fleurage Scent Design Studio offers Create Your Own Perfume™ and bespoke fragrance design because we can. It is not so much a “design your own perfume store” but an actual working perfumery where scents are designed and made. It is not a retail space so appointments are required. We are located at Suite 6, Level 1, 3 Alison Street, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast QLD, Australia.

People who made their own fragrances

What is it like to design your own scent?

make a perfume fragrance oils for perfume making

Custom perfume gift

An evening spent designing my own perfume. Thank you ladies, what a wonderful birthday treat! instagram


make a perfume adding drops of perfume ingredients

We had such a great experience

We had such a great experience with Fleurage. Today we made a signature scent for our hairdressing salon. The team at Fleurage are so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and professional and their set up is so amazing! We left with such a great fragrance that we made as a team. Highly recommend anyone wanting to buy a perfume to create it themselves with Fleurage!


make a perfume perfume design your own scent

I recommend it

The whole process is really quite fascinating and I would recommend it to anyone who loves perfume (and it would make a great gift for a milestone birthday or similar). My big tip for anyone considering a visit to Fleurage to create their own fragrance (apart from just do it!!) is to have a little think about the style of fragrance you might like to create. I hadn’t given that any thought at all, which probably made it harder for Emma to narrow down what I was after.

Distant Francophile

Create my own perfume reviews

We specialise in the Art of Fine Fragrance, 
let us help you design your own perfume 




Surfers Paradise location 

Located in the Gold Coast QLD near Brisbane, Toowoomba and Byron Bay

make a perfume Gold Coast Queensland


Suite 6, 3 Alison Street, 
Surfers Paradise
Queensland 4217
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PH: (07) 3219 0868

Tram Travel

Take the Tram to Cavill Avenue,  Walk south for two blocks. 


Best at the Paradise Centre.

Airport connection

Skybus to the 4217 Depot just around the corner.

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Suite 6, 3 Alison Street, Surfers Paradise Queensland 4217 PH: (07) 3219 0868 

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